Coinbase, Something Went Wrong

I’d heard that the Bitcoin value against the U.S. dollar has recently dropped, so I headed over to to see the actual trends. This is what that page showed:


The error message in red is:

We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a commentary on a possible Bitcoin bubble or a real error message.

I found the trend data I was looking for at Turns out the value at the beginning of this month was in the range of $1,200 U.S. for a single Bitcoin. Eighteen days later it was just under $600. I believe the technical term for that would be “highly volatile”.

5 thoughts on “Coinbase, Something Went Wrong”

  1. There’s also

    As far as volatility, you can say that again.
    But at $600, it’s still 3x over what it was right before it started rising sharply.
    If you look at “the previous BTC bubble” (July 2013), it did about the same: from under $50 to $250 to just over $100. My bets are still on BTC being “stable” between $900-1000 by February.

    But honestly, it’s just playful speculation, since I didn’t invest.
    Not much of a gambler. :)

  2. Yeah, their other charts are better. That’s why I further suggested, which gives you more choices of exchanges (MtGX is always the highest). :)

  3. So far I haven’t seen any particularly strong stabilizing elements in the Bitcoin economy. Perhaps that might come from a few existing large institutions.

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