A Not So Delicious Yahoo

Speaking of 2005 Yahoo deals, here is another: del.icio.us sells to Yahoo. Not a good sign that my original Yahoo and Del.iciou.us announcement links both return error pages now. Internet Archive saves the day ( and history ) yet again.

This lasted six years, after which Yahoo sold Delicious to the founders of YouTube ( in 2011 ).

Based on my personal usage, I’d grade the Flickr purchase better than the Delicious one. I still use Flickr, but haven’t touched Delicious in a very long time.

Ten Years of Flickr at Yahoo

In March 2005 Yahoo purchased Flickr.

Like most acquisitions it hasn’t been the smoothest of rides. My hope from back then:

I plea with Yahoo to not mess up Flickr

I remember reading Jeremy Zawdony’s thoughts on the deal and thinking that there are at least a few people at Yahoo who get it.

Sadly Flickr fell on hard times at Yahoo, but never died completely. Then there was new Flickr. A ray of hope on a cloudy day.

I still use Flickr for photos and small videos. I don’t want it to die, but the service still only feels lukewarm. Is there enough oomph left at Yahoo push Flickr ahead?

Hopefully there will still be a Flickr around to talk about in 2025.

Square Cash: It Is A Feature, Not A Bug

Jon White on how Square Cash manages to make deposits without asking for bank account details:

There are no bank account numbers involved, how can they do this? The answer deceptively simple: they issue a refund to your debit card for the amount you are sent.

The genius of Square Cash is that someone realized you can process a refund without having an initial charge in the first place.

I wonder how many other services transfer money using this approach.

Chrome, Persistent DevTools Preferences

Happy to see that the DevTools preferences in Chrome will be preserved in incognito windows:

We now persist your appearance preferences (docking position, size, etc) and devtools settings (disable cache, etc) into incognito.We do not persist these specific items into incognito: * console history, workspaces, open files in Sources, XHR breakpoints, global search configuration, breakpoints (JS, DOM, XHR, evt listener), watch expressions. This is in Canary now and will head to beta stable in Chrome 44.

I don’t care for the default DevTools window size and location, so I change it every time I open up an incognito window. This change will remove that one small annoying step.

Branding the Utah Tech Community

Fred Wilson laments the “Silicon Alley” labeling for NYC:

It’s no secret that I HATE the term Silicon Alley. It’s a wannabe term if there ever was one. NYC’s tech community doesn’t want to be Silicon Valley. If they wanted that, they’d move there.

I totally relate to these feelings, over the Silicon Slopes label for the Utah tech community. I like efforts to encourage and grow the Utah tech scene, but I’m disappointed in the “me too” style of the phrase “Silicon Slopes”.

It feels too much like trying to ride the coat tales of Silicon Valley instead of emphasizing and playing to our own strengths. Utah most definitely is not Silicon Valley, and that isn’t a bad thing.