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So now Yahoo has purchased There aren’t many details in the announcement, so we’ll have to wait and see where this goes. Hopefully this goes better than the purchase of, which has been up and down since their buyout. The home page has been down for the last few days, with a note indicating that it should be back up in a few days (as of 7 Dec 2005).

Although some people were pretty ticked off with having to merge their Yahoo and Flickr accounts after Flickr was bought out, for the most part it seems to have been operating well since then. I’m sure everyone will be wondering if they same sort of account merger will happen, especially given Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 service. Will they try to merge everything into My Web 2.0?

I suspect that the growth of made this move a given. Without more money and resources it would be difficult to continue operations with the type of growth they’ve seen.

Okay Yahoo, this is another change to win people over, by not screwing this up. Loyal customers aren’t made when you sell them something, they are made when you fix things that are broken.

UPDATE 12:20pm 9 Dec 2005: Yahoo also has an announcement of the purchase on their blog.

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