Link Dump

5 Steps To An Aqua Effect: Due to my not so hot graphics skills I’ve always appreciated those with skills posting these types of graphics how-to entries.

Ubiquity In The Internet Age: Or how have an awesome service on the web. Give people what they want.

Mark’s weekly FreeBSD cvs-src summaries: How is it that I didn’t come across this sooner?

FreeBSD 5.3-RC2: Good to see that these issues aren’t being swept under the rug.

Automated WordPress Comment Spam: A simple technique for stopping automated comment spam in a WordPress blog.

Secure Your FreeBSD Box: A post in the Server Matrix forum on how to secure your FreeBSD system. A good read.

16X DVD Burner Roundup: Looks like NEC ND-3500A is the drive to go with. Wow, less than $100 too.

Planet WordPress: WordPress blogs?

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