Provo City Center Temple

From Provo Tabernacle to Provo City Center Temple:

With construction complete the Provo City Center Temple is having a public open house from now until mid-March. The open house is free, but tickets are required.

Temples are special to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( often abbreviated LDS and nick named Mormons ). You can read more about why we build temples and what happens in the temples.


Another VM option for Mac OS X, Veertu:

Veertu is a 100% user-space implementation and leverages OS X for scheduling, CPU management, memory management and more. Since Veertu is the only solution that uses OS X’s hypervisor and VMNet framework (first introduced in OS X Yosemite), it is approved by Apple for sale in the App Store.

It is using Hypervisor.framework:

The Hypervisor framework allows virtualization vendors to build virtualization solutions on top of OS X without needing to deploy third-party kernel extensions (KEXTs). Included is a lightweight hypervisor that enables virtualization of the host CPUs.

I’m going to try this out with Ubuntu 15.10.

Privacy Advocate Converts

Glenn Greenwald from Spying on Congress and Israel: NSA Cheerleaders Discover Value of Privacy Only When Their Own Is Violated:

This pattern — whereby political officials who are vehement supporters of the Surveillance State transform overnight into crusading privacy advocates once they learn that they themselves have been spied on — is one that has repeated itself over and over. It has been seen many times as part of the Snowden revelations, but also well before that.

It is all fun and games until you discover the large surveillance state is targeting you too.

Malls Love Apple

Last month a Bloomberg article on malls ( These Malls Didn’t Get the Memo They’re Dying ) included data estimates from Green Street Advisors on how “An Apple store leads to a 13 percent bump in a mall’s sales per square foot”:


I imagine Apple trots out this number every time they negotiate lease rates for their stores. Some have half joked that at some point malls will start paying Apple.

iOS Tapping

WebKit is changing tap timing, from More Responsive Tapping on iOS:

We know that responsive tapping is really important to web developers — so much so that many are willing to employ JavaScript frameworks to avoid the delay using touch handlers. Instead of waiting for WebKit to fire a click after a delay, these libraries prevent the default behavior of the touchend event and call click() immediately so that the element is clicked the moment the user stops touching the element. While this may make a link feel fast, it can also reduce responsiveness in other ways, including page load time and scrolling. To address this, we baked fast tapping optimizations into WebKit so well-scaled mobile web pages will be able to achieve responsive tapping out of the box without the drawbacks of third-party frameworks.

I’m looking forward to removing one more piece of JavaScript that only existed to work around suboptimal browser behavior.

Unfortunately there is still a fair bit of waiting involved. First, the next version of mobile Safari, which means iOS 10. Based on previous schedules that should happen during 2016. Then we need come up with work arounds for the still fairly large number of iPhones that won’t be able to upgrade to iOS 10.

Add ‘de-couple mobile Safari from iOS releases’ to my iOS 10 wish list.