TechCrunch ran a Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2013 article this week. I thought the platform break down was interesting:

  • iOS only: 9 ( Seene, QuizUp, Cycloramic, BillGuard, Oyster, HeyDay, TimeHop, Clumsy Ninja, Sunrise )
  • iOS & Android: 5 ( Newsblur, Tinder, Digg, Duolingo, Vine )
  • Android only: 2 ( Cover, Agent )

It looks like we are still in a holding pattern for the long predicted “Android first” tidal wave. Instead, the Android only apps tend to focus on things that aren’t allowed on the iOS platform. Everyone else either targets only iOS, or iOS and Android together.

I don’t see anything in the short term that is likely to significantly change that pattern.

This is only one best of list, for one year, so my sample size is rather small ( to put it mildly ). Take this with a sufficiently large grain of salt.