12 thoughts on “WordPress.com – 4 million blogs”

  1. I suppose like the title implies this only accounts for the blogs within wordpress.com itself. I believe the number might be bigger if we where to consider the wordpress self hosted blogs out there.

  2. Joseph, after reading your About, given you know a lot about WP, I realize that we both have a similar interest.

    I’m going to ask, if possible, I could host a guest article or two from your experiences with MySQL and PostgreSQL, on my site.

    I’m specifically interested in knowing your experiences with them considering they are open source (MySQL considered probably the most popular) and how well you’d say they get the job done. Any pros, cons and the likes would be appreciated.

  3. @John “Law of Attraction” Derrick –

    At one point I had heard that number. I believe it was another 4-5 million WordPress.org self hosted blogs. That’s from memory though.

  4. That is a pretty amazing number of blogs. So this is WP.com that we are talking about? I wonder how many blogs there are out there using word press on their server by choice. I would think that it’s even more then 4-5 million and would be interesting to know how many there actually are.

    Also why did you retire the blog?



  5. WordPress is amazing, I would never of had my own website if it weren’t for the ease and functionality of it. In spite of the exponential growth, I think the Internet is still in it’s infancy, meaning in spite of all of the amazing progress that has been made, we are still just scratching the surface of it’s full potential. And WordPress is leading the way.

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