Prologue Update

The Prologue Theme got a lot more attention that I expected (hit the top of TechMeme) and we’ve been getting a lot of feedback. So I’ve updated Prologue based on some this feedback and discussion with the the other folks at Automattic. Here’s what has changed:

  • New template file for displaying Pages
  • Change front page to be recent stream instead of one post per person
  • Adjust tag and front page to not show an avatar if the previous post was by the same author
  • Change default title for sidebar tag list to ‘Recent Tags’
  • Provide a post title based on the beginning of the post content

I bumped the version listed in style.css to 1.2 when I made these changes. You can get it from the Prologue Subversion directory, and yes, I’m still looking to put together a zip file for those that prefer that method instead.

One other thing to note, I was making use of a method in Prologue that currently only exists in WordPress -trunk, this means people using WordPress 2.3.2 were getting errors (on the author pages). This has been fixed as well. Sorry about that.

4 thoughts on “Prologue Update”

  1. Thanks for the update. It would be awesome if you could add comment moderation into the comments.php file so if moderation is turned on and someone leaves a comment, it lets them know with a message saying comment is in moderation like most other themes. Thanks in advance for all you’ve done.

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