WordPress and FaceBook

This morning the WordPress.com FaceBook Application was announced. This was in interesting project to work on, I learned a lot more about the WordPress.com code and a whole lot more about the FaceBook Platform. For that matter I learned a whole lot more about FaceBook period.

Don’t be surprised if you see more FaceBook centered posts here :-)

I think there is a lot of potential with the combined features of WordPress and FaceBook.

4 thoughts on “WordPress and FaceBook”

  1. Sorry about my announcement way too early there Joseph! I was just so impressed! You did a great job on this one and look forward to your work in the future!

  2. facebook is growing fast, in general the future of communication is in control of the social mobile networks. Their growing past each one attaacts a different audience, peekamo hit their audience on a more persoanl level through text, facebook is hitting everyone through pics, groups. Networking is now a business itself.

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