Caller ID on Dish Network DVR

I stumbled upon a neat feature on my Dish Network DVR 625, you can have it display Caller ID information (if you have that service on your phone line). Nothing earth shattering, just a fun little feature have.

Instructions for enabling this are in Users Guide, page 101. For the PDF version it is Chapter 3 page 53. And for the really lazy:

  1. Press MENU on the remote control
  2. Select SYSTEM SETUP
  4. Select CALLER ID
  6. Select DONE

10 thoughts on “Caller ID on Dish Network DVR”

  1. We saw this feature appear on our Starchoice satellite TV feed (Canada) and it’s handy.

    The funny thing is we didn’t know the service was there until we were watching biography channel one night. In the program they were interviewing an expert on whoever the bio was on, and a name popped up under the expert…..I said, “Hey honey….LOOK….that guy has the same name as your brother……what are the odds of that!”

    Then I noticed the phone number below the name…… feature…you can decide whether or not you want to disturb your viewing, depending on the caller.


  2. I enabled this feature and it only comes up 1 out of ten times . Why don’t it work all the time ?

  3. I enabled the feature and it hasn’t come up at all. The caller ID works on my phone, but nothing will show up on the tv when anyone calls. I have a friend who has Dish network and it works for them.

  4. I’ve gone thru all the steps (including checking the connections) and still Caller ID will not work. This happened about a month ago and I was able to get it to work, then it went caput again.

  5. Remember that an active phone line must be connected to the Dish receiver for this feature to work.

  6. make sure the phone line is plugged into the PHONE port and not the ethernet port on the back of your dish box and goes to the phone wall jack – you can use a splitter

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