More Humorous TV Commercials: TBS & G4

I generally skip commercials (+1 for DVRs), but lately some of them have been entertaining in their own right. I’ve already mentioned the VISA break dancing worm commercial, which was pretty good. Now the TV channels TBS and G4 have come with a few funny commercials of their own.

The folks at TBS have commercials for Lord of the Rings up on their website. There are six of these: secret lovers, white horse, Frodo, Gollum, hunks and wizard of orc. Most of these are just goofy, consisting of remixed scenes to present a different take on the Lord of the Rings movies. The secret lovers commercial is a good example of this.

G4 takes a different approach in their commercials, instead of remixing existing scenes they are using Star Trek “action figures” in different scenes to promote their Star Trek 2.0 show. There is poolside, coffee house and my personal favorite karaoke.

Perhaps this is the future of commercials in the age of DVRs. With the ability to skip commercials at will for recorded shows there isn’t much motivation to watch them. By making the commercials more entertaining I *might* be more inclined to watch some of them, at least until I get bored of them.

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