The Break Dancing Worm

Visa break dancing worm

Alex King brought up a good point this week asking why don’t companies make their commercials available online? Then I saw a commercial for Visa that had a break dancing worm in it. So I first went to their website to see if it was available, which it wasn’t. My next trip was to YouTube to see if someone had posted it. Sure enough it was there. So here it is, the Visa break dancing worm commercial.

UPDATE Tue 4 Apr 2006 @ 10:10am : I guess I didn’t look very hard at the Visa website because Lauren left a comment showing how to see their commercials in just a few steps. So here is a link to Visa commercials on their site. The break dancing worm spot is called ‘Recycling’.

15 thoughts on “The Break Dancing Worm”

  1. This is probably irrelevant now since you’ve already found it…but Visa does make their advertising available online. Just go to (the United States version), click the link that says “View Our New Advertising” and there you have it. Their TV, online, print and billboard ads are available for viewing. Just thought I’d let you know…I just wish someone had it available for download :)

  2. Whats the name of the song that the worm dances to? (same alex from up there but send it to this one because the othere one doesn’t work)

  3. LL cool j’s latest Control Myself uses the Perfect Beat as the backdrop! I have been trying to nail down that song – thanks!

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