Young Chuck Norris

Perhaps it was too much Dr. Demento when I was a kid, but I get a real kick out of the serious, but not, nature of things like the Young Chuck Norris from SNL. It also helps that the web has been fascinated with random Chuck Norris facts, even bringing him up to date for Chuck Norris 2.0 (think Web 2.0). So if you just can’t get enough check out Chuck Norris, 22 facts, all new Chuck Norris facts and of course, from the man himself, Chuck’s response to his facts.

If you liked the Lazy Sunday video from SNL then you should enjoy the Young Chuck Norris clip. This stuff reminds me a lot of the 80s music and rap. I’m thinking specifically of Will Smith’s Parents Just Don’t Understand and Run-D.M.C’s tracks It’s Tricky and My Adidas. These weren’t hard hitting, deep thoughts kind of music that was out to change the world, it was fun music. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I still listen to 80s music, most of it was just fun.

I hope that SNL is able to continue with their fun music videos. Although if they follow the trend of 80s stars, they’ll try to go hardcore to gain some gangland style street cred. Then they’ll realize that all of their fans left and try to go back to their original style. That will fail and in the mean time they will burn up all of their money and end up doing small concerts around the country for their original fans and barely getting by. Eventually someone over at VH1 will remember them and they’ll get featured on Bands Reunited or Behind The Music (or both if they are really lucky).

One can only hope that the SNL crew will learn from the mistakes of those who have gone and before them and keep producing original and fun music videos.

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