Russ is back with a prediction of an Apple iPhone. Perhaps this is what Steve Jobs meant when he said that movies weren’t the next step for the iPod? This makes me wonder what features such a device would have. The obvious first step is supporting everything that the iPod does now (including photos and ideally video). Bluetooth would be a must, not just for syncing to my Powerbook, but for ear pieces and the Apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse. For storage the hard drive idea would have to go, likely some sort of flash instead, with an SD or compact flash slot for more memory. The ability to sync virtually everything, this would be a must. With all this data going back and forth it would be nice to have firewire 800 as a wired option to bluetooth, but I suspect USB would be much more likely (but it should be USB 2.0 though). In traditional Apple style a nice little bundle applications would come with the phone.

For major bonus points wifi (either 802.11b or 802.11g) in addition to all of the above would really be awesome (syncing over the net, etc).

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