Link Dump

Battle for Wesnoth: Multi-platform open source turn based strategy game.

Windows “Longhorn” scheduled for 2006: Microsoft announces that the next version of Windows (called Longhorn at this point) won’t be released until sometime in 2006. They are scaling back on the features to be included in Longhorn in order to try and make the release in 2006. Why do companies even bother trying to predict product releases further than a year out?

Synergy: Sounds like networked KVM software. Works on Windows, Mac and Un*x. Cool.

GmailFS: This is so scary and wrong I don’t know what to say. Perhaps Google should just expose it via WebDAV? (via Jeremy)

FreeBSD’s CVS 3rd Party Import Instructions: If you have a project that uses CVS then this example is helpful on understanding how to import 3rd party code used by your project into CVS without having CVS screw it up.

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