Link Dump

Google IPO: I think their price range of $108 to $135 is probably double what it should be. A price this high pretty much kills my chances of purchasing their stock. :-(

Technorati Has A New Look: I like the new look much better than the old one. Hmmm, their search feature appears to be dead right now.

O’Reilly Open Source Con This Week: There’s likely to be plenty of coverage of this years con. I just got an announcement for #oscon on There’s also the blog coverage, an official wiki and streaming of the keynote speeches (although I don’t know when July 39th is).

MIT OpenCourseWare: MIT’s operating system course.

Efficient CSS: Some tips on making your CSS compact. Some of the short cuts are bit hard to read in my opinion.

NPR RSS Feeds: Does listening to NPR make me old? (via Jeremy).

Staticize Benchmarks: Load average benchmarks using plain WordPress and WordPress plus the Staticize plugin. Makes use of a little shell script that tries to mimic the Slashdot attack.

Google Page Rank Extension For Firefox: I generally use Safari for most of my browsing, but something like this may be a good reason to start up Firefox more often.

MovableType 3.1 Features: Looks like a couple of features people have been pushing for, like Subcategories.

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